Brace Yourself For Criminal Minds Season 12!

DTV San Antonio Criminal Minds

DTV San Antonio Criminal Minds

DIRECTV San Antonio Criminal Minds

We sat down with one of the series’ original cast members, the lovely Kirsten Vangsness aka Garcia, earlier this summer at Comic-Con to see if we could entice her to spill the beans on Season 12.

What can we expect this season? Any surprises in store?

Well, we’ve got Aisha Tyler back, and we’ve got Paget Brewster in multiple episodes this year, so it’s very exciting! Adam Rodriguez (CSI: Miami) is now on the show [playing Luke Alvez] and he’s lovely! He has a totally different energy than Shemar [Moore] so no one will feel like he’s being replaced. At this point we know how the car works, so now we’re all just seeing how fast the car can drive!

Garcia was initially supposed to be a minor character when the show first began, but now you’re one of a few original cast members left! How does that feel?

Really, really good! Very gratifying. You know, it’s nice because you don’t put a lot of Garcia in there right? She’s like saffron—you can’t put too much Garcia in! She’s good for getting information, she’s good for giving an exposition, she’s good for a lot of things, so I just got really lucky. It’s weird, cool, and strange, because I’ve never played a character this long! It’s sort of become this other thing now. It’s like, I’m an actress and then I also play Garcia. I can sort of channel her at this point, and then I can also act and take on other characters. It’s so nice because most of us, the core group, have been here a long time.

DTV San Antonio Criminal Minds CBSKirsten Vangness at San Diego Comic-Con

What do you think has made the show so popular and given it such longevity?

I have my theory! I think our show is so insanely popular and spin-offs really work too, because you can tell underneath the characters that the people who are playing them genuinely buy it. Then you marry those characters to intense story lines and voila!

I’ve always said on our best day, Criminal Minds is a show that teaches you that monsters are made by monsters. I feel like that’s a good thing—we all have to realize that we all have those capabilities within ourselves, so we have to be nice to each other as a human family. I don’t know, but that’s what I think!

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