DIRECTV Genie HD DVR in San Antonio

DIRECTV San Antonio Genie HD DVR.

With DIRECTV San Antonio Genie HD DVR you enjoy all of your favorite shows and movies with the whole family, live or recorded, in any room—from a single HD DVR. DIRECTV Genie it’s our most advanced HD DVR system ever. Genie allows you record up to five shows at once and gives you full HD DVR on every TV in your home—even outside, when you connect a Wireless Genie Mini. Consider your TV wishes granted.

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DIRECTV Genie HD DVR Record More Store More in San Antonio

Record more.

Store more.

DIRECTV San Antonio Genie can record up to 200 hours of HD entertainment. It allows you to search and schedule your recordings up to 2 weeks in advance and watch when it’s convenient for you.

Recording conflicts? Never heard of them.

DIRECTV Genie in San Antonio puts an end to recording conflicts and allows you to record up to five shows at once. On any channel, in glorious HD, at any time—not just during prime time. Genie allows you to record, pause, rewind and delete shows in any room of the house.

Genie still has more wishes to grant

DIRECTV Genie HD DVR Two Shows One Screen in San Antonio

Two shows. One screen.

Feel like watching two shows? No problem. With DIRECTV San Antonio Genie’s Picture-in-Picture, you can watch two shows at the same time on one screen. You can even watch them side by side.

DIRECTV Find sports with Genie in San Antonio

Genie makes it easy to find sports.

With DIRECTV San Antonio Genie Sports feature, you can find tune-in info for all your favorite sporting events in one location, at the press of a button.

DIRECTV San Antonio Full HD DVR

Full HD DVR in every room.

With DIRECTV San Antonio Genie Minis, you can watch, record, pause, rewind, and delete shows in any room of your home, from a single Genie HD DVR. Watch live or recorded TV in four rooms at once. Up to eight Genie Minis can connect to a single Genie HD DVR.

Additional equipment required. Additional & Advanced Receiver fees apply. Limit three remote viewings at a time.

Get DIRECTV in 4K.

DIRECTV San Antonio Genie gives you four times the resolution of HD, 4K offers the best picture ever. It provides more than just richer colors and smoother lines. It brings your entertainment to life. And it’s available today to even more DIRECTV San Antonio customers, with more options. Just add a DIRECTV San Antonio 4K Ready TV, or our new 4K Genie Minis paired with compatible 4K TVs to enjoy the full 4K experience in any and all rooms.

Must be part of a Genie HD DVR setup.

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DIRECTV Genie Mini Zootopia Movie in San Antonio

Hello wireless.

Goodbye clutter.

Genie Mini is so small and powerful it eliminates the need for visible equipment and cable outlets around your TV. Now your entertainment can take center stage.

DIRECTV Genie take your tv anywhere in San Antonio

Take your TV anywhere.

Even Outside

Movie night in the backyard, the big game in the man cave—you’re finally free to move your TVs anywhere you want. Enjoy DIRECTV San Antonio HD DVR anywhere inside—or outside—your home.

DIRECTV Genie start in one room finish in another in San Antonio

Start in one room,
finish in another.

With DIRECTV Genie Mini in San Antonio, you can easily start a movie in one room and finish it in any other.

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